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Rainy weddings and umbrellas – the perfect marriage!


Winter weddings! The single best thing about winter weddings is that it seems brides are already resigned to the fact that the weather will be a little crappy and they embrace it. A summer bride tends to spend half the morning looking at the BOM radar worrying about the rain.

Many weddings take place through winter and there is something a little magical about them. For those weddings on a rainy day, umbrella’s are not only good at keeping your hair dry, but are a fabulous prop that can add so much to the photos. Here are a few umbrella images courtesy of Google by some creative photographers!

After all, its good luck for it to rain on your wedding day right?


1 2 3 4 5


Looking for a creative photographer for your winter wedding? Check out

Happy Planning!


Choosing your bridesmaids.


So, you’ve got a group of friends that you love and it’s time to decide who will be in your wedding party. BUT, you don’t want a cast of thousands?! I’ve had so many conversations with brides over the years about why they chose who they did and the dilemma it can cause. Choosing a bridal party can be a stressful thing and sometimes it’s better to go with a smaller group so you don’t offend anyone.

There are ways though, that you can involve all of your nearest and dearest without actually having a large bridal party….here are a few ideas:

Have a close friend sign the register: The register doesn’t need to be signed by the official matron of honour. In fact, my cousin’s had no bridal party at all and had both of their mums sign the register – it was such a beautiful touch.

Doing a reading:  If you have a friend confident enough to get up and do a traditional reading, or a sweet poem, it can be a lovely way to have them involved in the ceremony.Huge_Bridal_Party

Making a speech:  Who says the speeches are just the domain of the bridal party and parents. Have a group of your gorgeous friends come up with a fun speech they can deliver together. Sure to be a laugh and a great way to signify what they mean to you.

Choreograph a dance: You want to dance with your new husband of course but how about have all your friends involved. Even more fun, how about arranging a Dance Flash Mob. Not only will that be an awesome sight at the wedding but you’ll have heaps of fun at dance lessons in the lead up to the big day.

Choosing a bridal party can be a very sensitive issue, so tread lightly and think carefully – those wedding photos are for life!

Happy planning!


Celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary with a few words…….

Celebrating our 10th wedding annivesary.

Yesterday we celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary! It was a milestone that surprised me with its importance. As the day grew nearer I realised we needed to celebrate in a way that marked how monumental this occasion was.

Renewing your wedding vows is of course just one way to celebrate a significant anniversary. We chose to mark the Us-looking-backoccasion with just our two children and it wasn’t really a ‘renewal’ in the formal sense of the word. With my husband and two children we set off to a beautiful location and spoke some simple words – “if I had just 10 words to say to you, they would be ……..’, it was short and sweet but made us capture our feelings in a little sentence. We then had four different coloured sands and poured them together into a jar to signify that our little foursome are eternally connected. We engaged the amazing Sarah Churcher Photography to shoot the entire thing and then went off to the beach for a family photo shoot with her. Having the moment captured and creating beautiful photos of this event was so important to me. Finishing off with an amazing dinner at Crown’s ‘The Conservatory’ in Melbourne overlooking our wedding reception venue was the icing on the cake….oh and of course I made us a fancy cake!

Kate-and-AdamRenewing your vows is not a new phenomenon and there are myriad ways you can do it. I’m sure some people go all out with a second wedding while at the other end, people like us, celebrate in a low key way. Our friends had their 10th wedding anniversary just a week before us and they choose to spend it child-free in Hawaii getting “reMaui’d”, so fabulous! Other friends, just two weeks before us chose a romantic long weekend being pampered together!

Whichever way you choose to celebrate a significant anniversary I think it’s a valuable way to remind each other of your feelings. After 10 years it’s pretty easy to forget to celebrate each other and take some time out from the craziness of life………oh, and of course, it’s a great excuse to buy a new dress!!

Golden Globes 2014 – Hits and Misses


Not much we love to do more than watch a red carpet and the Golden Globes is always a winner with a little more fun and a little less polish than the Oscars. This year there weren’t too many stand out ‘hair and makeup’, with a very nude look all over seeming to be the trend. Personally I think a lot of the girls could have done with a splash of bright lipstick… are our choices for best and worst dressed!


AMY – Amy Adams – I’ve never really looked closely at Amy Adams and thought ‘what a screen siren!’, but in her recent movie American Hustlers with her plunging necklines and vintage barrel curls that’s exactly the term that comes to mind. Wearing this red Valentino number, Amy Adams is nothing short of breathtaking and oozes sex appeal. Her complexion is glowing and completely shown off by the shade of the gown and her hairstyle in perfection 10/10.


JESS – Kate Beckinsale – what’s to say, her dress is amazing! And Emma Watson is my choice for best hair and makeup.

BELLE – Taylor Swift – Hair and Makeup perfection, old Hollywood glamour gown with a modern colour block twist.

KYLIE – Tough call and I agree with all above, but my pick is Taylor Swift. The softly structured dress with the soft hairstyle and finally some lipstick! She nailed it.


AMY – Julia Roberts – Now I wouldnt say Julia is truly the ‘worst dressed’ but how did an A list celebrity get it so wrong when she has been known to get it so right! That office blouse underneath a classic black gown, what was she thinking?


JESS – Drew Barrymore – Sorry, worst dressed!

BELLE – Kaley Cuoco – Boring hair, Nanna’s couch fabric – full skirted disaster!

Haley-Cuoco Emma-watson

KYLIE – Again, a tough one because unfortunately there were quite a few ‘misses’. I’m going to go with Emma Watson. Her hair and makeup are fab, but the missing back of the dress with the leggins underneath – seriously ergh. Close second for me is Julia Roberts, looks like she forgot to take her office shirt off when she got dressed and her eye makeup is far too heavy.

What are your pics for Best and Worst dressed?

Christmas Engagment?! Where do you start??


Congratulations on your engagement! Now let’s plan a wedding.

I’m guessing there were a few romantic gentlemen over the Christmas period with all the enquiries we received over the past two weeks from very organised brides! Have you just got engaged or just set the date! First things first, start with the big stuff! If you want your dream wedding to come true, you must plan properly and then book as many of your vendors as far in advance as possible. Leaving things until later may mean you miss out on using your favourite location or hair stylist!

I know, I know….you just want to run out and start trying on dresses, and of course that is on the to-do list, but first and foremost you need a budget! Once the budget is set start researching and then tick off the following items to ensure you’ve got all the major suppliers locked in and can start on the pretty and fun stuff like invitation styles, hens nights & dresses.

– Reception Venue
– Ceremony Site
– Photographer
– Celebrant
– Music
– Florist
– Hair/Makeup

With the big stuff out of the way you can start working on the finer details: Send out the save the date cards, start thinking about the guest list, band vs DJ, what is the colour theme etc etc. There are soooo many things to consider but with the big decisions made, you can relax a little and enjoy the process.

Happy Planning.


Spring Racing Carnival: Hair, Makeup, Hats


The leaves have sprung , the weather is schizophrenic and the pretty dresses are on display in every store….that can only mean one thing – Spring Carnival is nearly here!

Melbourne Spring Racing Carnival is a chance for every little filly to get a new hat, glam up, buy a new dress and hit the track, without ever really needing to see a horse!

Cup weekend: Derby Day 2nd Nov and the big one – Melbourne Cup  5th Nov, is our biggest weekend of the year with many women getting up before dawn for us to put on their makeup and fix on their headwear. Hats and fascinators of every colour make this weekend what it is for the girls. Of course then there’s Oaks Day on 7th November and Stakes Day on the 9th.

I chatted to Carla Murley of Murley & Co Millinery about the trends for headwear that we can expect at this years Spring Carnival.

Pink-and-orange-hat“This year I’m anticipating lots of neon, monochromatic & floral prints, clashing patterns, structured shapes, and perhaps a good dose of Gatsby in the mix…… I’ve focused most of my ready to wear range on fitted shapes with high gloss orchids & maple leaves with lots of luminous silk abaca and extended single quills …..there’s LOTS of colour to celebrate moving out of dim dark winter and into Melbourne’s beautiful spring weather”

With such dramatic headwear on trend we recommend all race goers stick with neutral tones for their eye makeup (think  vintage glamour) but add a fabulous bright lipstick. Hot pink is definitely on trend and the range of lipsticks available is amazing. Race day is a marathon not a sprint so think about how your makeup is going to last the distance. Long lasting lipsticks are the perfect choice for race days and won’t come off while drinking champagne!

Carla’s  tips for choosing a headpiece are:


Choose a hat that suits the shape of your face, and one you can comfortably forget you are wearing!

Get advice on how to position & anchor the hat securely – you don’t want wobbles on the day, especially if it’s windy!

Don’t stress about getting an exact colour match for your dress – focus on complimenting the dress and colour match with your accessories – shoes, bag, jewellery etc.

Don’t be afraid to mix prints! Be BOLD!”

The big race days are always in demand with stylists of all types so it’s important to book yours early.

Due to high demand, custom millinery bookings with Murley & Co have closed for the 2013 carnival however there is a large range of ready to wear millinery available online at; , or simply call Carla for all enquiries 0422 029 149.

Hair & Makeup bookings are full for Derby Day however Reveal Hair & Makeup still have a couple of appointments available for Melbourne Cup, but get in quick. Grab the girls and the bubbles and make a morning of it by having our talented stylists come to your hotel room to do your makeup and hair and put your hat perfectly in place. Visit or call Kylie on 0417 648 114.

See you at the race that stops a nation!

* All images courtesy of Murley & Co Millinery.

Drum roll please – our picks for best and worst at the Emmys.

This years Emmys brought us dresses from two extremes: incredibly structured or soft and flowy! We think structure definitely stole the show and the soft hues that dominated the red carpet were a welcome change.

There were some standout shockers but likewise some breathtaking bombshells. Here are our picks for best and worst dressed on the 2013 Emmy’s red carpet.


Julie Sofia Zooey

Ally –

Rose Byrne – she can do wrong in my eye, flawless hair, soft makeup, understated yet gorgeous dress. She has elegance down to a fine art.

Zooey Deschanel – Zooey takes old world glam and gives it a new spin.

Kayley Cuoca  – Love the colour, the fit and the hair!

Sarah Hyland – LOVE this look. The classic emerald green fits like a glove and the clean hair and bold makeup finish it off.

Belle –

It was the night of the Modern Family glamours! I really couldn’t split Sophia Vergara & Julie Bowen, they were both flawless, but, I’m going with Sophia Vergara due to the fact she NEVER gets it wrong on the red carpet! Damn that woman can wear a dress!!!

Kylie –

I had trouble with this one because, like Ally, there were quite  a few home runs.

Julie Bowen – The structured pale pink dress with the stunning fishtail is amazing. I love that she kept her hair back and soft to compliment all that was going on with that dress.

Zooey Deschanel – WOW! I adore this dress and again the pale colour is a winner. I wish she’d kept her hair back though so we could see the top of the dress, but other than that, perfection!

Guiliana Rancic – Not generally on my list but she looked amazing in this beaded skin tight number and I have to say I adore the short bob hairstyle on her.


Lena Julianne Zosia

Well its pretty obvious we all have similar taste here at Reveal as our worst dressed picks were clear.

Ally –

Lena Dunham – hideous! Looks like a rose garden threw up on her. Terrrible hair and no accessories! Better luck next year.

Sandrine Holt – Her dress is confusing with no shape at all and I feel like its missing the bottom half. Her hair and makeup aren’t bad but let down by her lack of enthusiasm. You’re on the red carpet Sandrine, SMILE!

Sarah Silverman – I’m just confused! Emmy’s is the time to put on your best dress, don a new hairstyle and show the world “look at me!”. This dress spells I couldn’t be bothered this will do. Shame on you Sarah.

Belle –

Whilst most of the talk has been about Lena Dunham’s dress, my worst is going to Julianne Hough for a sheer skirted, ballroom dancer-esque, sea foam fail! Girlfriend, you’re on the Emmy’s Red Carpet, not performing on Dancing With The Stars!!

Kylie –

Again I’m going with Lena Dunham. That dress just isn’t flattering on her body. Did she even have a hair stylist and what the hell was her makeup artist thinking! There’s such a thing as being too matchy-matchy and the turquoise eyeshadow was a bust!

Zodia Mamet – OMG are you serious! I think this dress had so much potential and I love the hand painted fabric but what is going on with the sleep mask for her boobs! EIK!

Julianne Hough – is that a swimsuit? Enough said!

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