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All things ‘Vintage’! Weddings, parties, anything!

April 29, 2013

Vintage inspired hair and makeup

Did you see ‘Underbelly Razor’on TV? It was one of my favourite shows and I never missed it. Of course the story line was strong and had me engaged but what really transfixed me were the vintage hair, makeup and outfits. ‘Razor’ was set from 1927 – 1936. I’m now addicted to Downton Abbey (1920’s), and once again it’s a great story, but the hair and makeup is mesmerizing.

Vintage weddings, bridal showers, 30th birthdays (I’m talking to you Ally) are all the rage at the moment, and pretty much a personal favourite for our entire team.

Most important when planning a ‘vintage’ event is to firstly determine, what era of vintage you are doing?

If you’re planning your 21st, ‘Vintage’ probably means the 80’s to you (depressing really because the 80’s only feels like a few years ago to me!) So, if you’re doing 80’s here’s some tips:

1980’s – think fluoro and big! My sister and I had co-ordinating fluoro pink and yellow socks that we alternated (on each foot!) and of course ‘Smiley’ badges and t-shirts – you don’t need to go that far though, we’re talking taffeta, pastel or bright colours (don’t be afraid of bright pink), big sleeves, big dresses, big hair – hell big everything! This is a popular theme for birthday parties.

Another popular party event is ‘Elizabethan’ or ‘Masquerade’ which stem from the late 1500’s. Masquerade parties are basically elaborate dance parties identified by the stunning mask’s. Ball gowns, formal suits, mood lighting, formal games, velvet and damask, jesters and jewels adorning you and your buffet are all the things you’ll need to pull off the ultimate Masquerade ball.

Classic 1950’s – Grace Kelly was a 1950’s icon. Her coiffured hair and tea length volumous skirts were signature for the era. If your event or wedding is inspired by Grace Kelly think long sleeves, lace, birdcage veils, pearl chocker’s, and absolute elegance

Rockabilly  (1950’s) – Just prior to the craziness that Rock ‘n Roll brought civilization, came rockabilly which was a hybrid of Rock and Hillbilly. It’s such a fun era and a popular theme for engagements and parties. We’re talking – Elvis, big tulle petticoats, pin curls or victory rolls, polka dots, red or hot pink accents and cadillac’s!

If your taste is more roaring 1920’s (think Downton Abbey) then elaborate headwear was the order of the day. The hairstyles of this era can only be truly recreated in-salon with plenty of gel and a heat lamp. Softer styles can be created by mobile stylists. The dresses were straight line and lacey, quite often with low back lines and accented with cathedral veils and long strings of pearls.

A lot of brides are going all things vintage at the moment. From Vintage lace on their dresses to bright red lipstick and of course an S wave in their hair, whatever era you’re going for here some ideas on giving your event a modern vintage edge.

5 Tips to creating a vintage event:

1. Outfits – The bridal look undoubtedly sets the theme for the wedding – dress, hair, makeup, birdcage veil etc. For the boys perhaps bow ties, tweed, braces & fedora’s,

2. The Bouquets – One of my favourite trends at the moment is baby’s breath bouquets. They’re inexpensive, light and beautiful. Garden variety bouquets are also an inexpensive and vintage look.

3. Decorations –  ‘craft’ or aged paper for invitations and seating cards, home-made lanterns (use Moccona or Mason style jars), tea cups and doilies.

4. Colour – soft whites and pastels are generally the rule for classic vintage.

5. The cake – perfectly proportioned, crisp fondant and ornate decorations.

Happy planning!


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  1. Belle permalink

    Love it Ky! We so need a vintage event!!!

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