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Putting your best face forward in a job interview

June 17, 2013
Job interview presentation

Appropriate presentation may be the difference between you and another candidate.

A job interview is as much about seeing the face behind the resume as it is testing to see if you can do what it said. Makeup artists/hair stylists often get called upon for appointments prior to job interviews. The last one I had the pleasure of doing was for an accomplished professional who looked much younger than her age and she wanted makeup done that would show a more mature self.

With such fierce competition in the job market these days it’s important to give yourself every chance. Here are a few tips on your physical presentation that may give you the edge over your many competitors.


Keep it simple and job appropriate.

Make sure your hair is clean and dry. If time is limited in the morning, do it the evening prior.

If you have long hair, keep it back. A simple ponytail or bun is ideal. This will open up your face and help you resist playing with it.

Avoid hair accessories

Keep your hair out of your face, an interview is not the time for a sexy, lash kissing fringe.


Think clean & lean. You want to achieve a fresh look.

Your makeup should be enough to enhance your features without hiding them.

Keep foundation light: conceal blemishes and add a light dusting of powder or foundation if necessary.

Eye makeup should be kept neutral: peaches, creams, browns and taupes in a matt finish, avoid shimmery eyeshadows that are better suited to a night club.

Use eyeliner sparingly and stick to gently smudged pencil liner. Avoid liquid or gel liner which gives a harsher look.

Use water proof mascara so any nervous sweating, rain or tears (god forbid) won’t cause panda eyes.

Pay attention to your eyebrows. Shaped eyebrows not only scream ‘attention to detail’, they frame your eyes and open your entire face.

Take a final look in the mirror, if one item in your makeup stands out, take it off.


Avoid it or use it very sparingly. You may adore the scent but one of your interviewers may hate it.


Keep nails clean and well filed.

Neutral or clear polish.

If the interview is for food handling for example, nails should be trimmed short and be super clean.


Research the dress code for the job

Wear a slightly more formal outfit than the standard in the workplace.

If it’s an office job where a suit is appropriate think basic colours, no bright shirts or prints.

Pay attention to your shoes. This is the perfect time to invest in sensible and clean shoes. You’d be surprised by how many outfits are ruined by scruffy shoes.

If you are wearing pantyhose, have a spare in the car just in case, a ladder is the last thing you need.

And most importantly,  wear a smile and a positive attitude.

Good Luck!


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