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Top 7 Wedding Hair Accessories

July 29, 2013
Traditional Veil

To veil or not to veil – that is the question?!

Fresh flowers, birdcage veils, combs, headbands, tiara’s, veils….the list of items that can adorn a brides head is extensive. A hair trial is the perfect time to decide exactly what is going on your head! In most cases I’d recommend waiting until your trial before you purchase your final hair accessories. Sometimes hair styles are created completely around the hair accessories a bride has, whilst I’d say the majority of trials result in a bride deciding what accessory they will have once we’ve finalized the hair look.


Birdcage veils – beautiful.

1.  Traditional veils are one of the first considerations for all brides and for the most part brides are either yay or nay. Whilst for the most part veils are just long pieces of soft fabric held in by a comb, but the options are endless – crystal beading, lace or embroidery: flyaway, fingertip, mantilla, chapel or cathedral length, do you want a blusher or not? Spend some time in the bridal store deciding what veil suits you and your dress.

Here’s the dummies guide to veils.

2. Fresh flowers are popular and timeless, however come with their own set of issues. Try and keep the flowers structural, like orchids or roses. These flowers hold up well after hours on the head and once pinned in rarely move. Softer or larger petal flowers tend to wilt over the day with so much heat emanating from the scalp. In any case ensure you order extra wired flowers from your florist in case of breakages.

3. Fascinators or feathery accessories can really add some pizzazz to a brides overall look. Light flowey feathers can soften the look and be a real statement. Increasingly I’m putting hats or fascinators in the mother of the brides hair which is a trend I hope continues.

4. Birdcage veils aren’t for everyone but are without doubt my personal favourite – I only wish I could get married again so I could wear one! . They have a more vintage feel, but I have to say that every time I finish a hair style and start pinning in the birdcage veil I get a warm glow. Birdcage veils can come as the veil alone or with some sparkly or fascinator style accessory attached. Etsy is a fabulous resource for custom made and affordable birdcage veils.

5. Tiaras are definitely on their way out and I can hardly recall the last time I put one in. If you are going with a tiara my advice would be to stick with small and understated. Hair accessories are there to compliment not be the star of the show.

Hair Bling

A little hair bling.

6. Combs and pin ‘bling’
are by far the most popular accessory these day and I personally love them. These little gems add some sparkle to the hairstyle without dominating it. You can use a glamourous comb in your hair and smaller understated ones on your bridesmaids and even some little blingy twists in the flowergirls hair. These accessories are generally positioned after the hair style so that they compliment it. The biggest consideration here is the material they are made out of. I encourage all of my brides to purchase metal and wire accessories so that they can be manipulated to bend into the appropriate shape. Large plastic combs don’t move and tend to stick out in the wrong places.
These hair accessories vary in price enormously. You can spend hundreds of dollars on them in bridal stores or find some beautiful inexpensive ones in ebay stores. I’ve placed hundreds of ebay purchased accessories into hair and you wouldn’t know the difference, so if you’re on a budget, here are some to check out. (Search bridal tiara, bridal hair twists or bridal hair combs for an extensive search)

Crystal Hair Comb

Handmade Hair Comb

Crystal Twist hair pins

7. Something Blue – Sometimes brides have a vintage or sentimental piece like ‘something blue’ or a brooch. If these are small enough they can be easily placed within a hair style either as the focus or slightly hidden. Speak to your hairstylist about how your special item can be incorporated.

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