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5 Inspirational Bridal Shower Ideas

August 20, 2013


In the distant past, wedding or bridal showers were just another step towards getting hitched. Whilst showers many not be as common these days many brides still participate.

One of the beauties of the wedding shower is that many of the brides family and friends (grandmothers, cousins, aunties, old friends etc) can attend this event, leaving the traditional ‘hens’ to your nearest and dearest party animals!

According to tradition a wedding shower shouldn’t be thrown by the bride or her immediate family (such as mother, sister etc) as it was perceived as a bit of a ‘present grab’, the shower is Gamegenerally arranged by the bridal party or a friend.

Long gone are the days where ‘games’ were a mandatory, and often excruciating, part of the event, however there is always a bit of room for some creative fun. For an event where many of the guests won’t know each other, games can be a great way to get people aquainted and in doing so, they’ll have something to chat about at the wedding.

If you are in charge of arranging a wedding shower and need a little more inspiration, here are 5 fun ideas to get you started:

  1. Tasting Party – There are many Chocolate, Cheese, Wine or Coffee professionals out there that are available for private events, so if your bride is a connoisseur of ‘something’ then this may be perfect for her.
    Themed Gift idea: Coffee beans or deluxe chocolate, baking equipment etc
  2. Spa & Beauty – Perhaps your bride loves a bit of a mani/pedi. There are tonnes of professional beauty therapists that will travel to your venue to pamper your guests.
    Themed Gift idea: Lotions & potions, a spa voucher for another time, bathroom accessories, towels, personalized dressing gown or slippers.
  3. Arts & Crafts – hosting an arts and crafts party isn’t as boring as it sounds! Perhaps ask each of your guests to embroider a small square of cloth that will be sewn into a blanket, or if your bride loves scrap booking have each guest prepare a page for a wedding shower album.
    Themed Gift idea: Sewing kits, craft kits, scrap book items etc
  4. Cooking shower – Does your bride love to cook? Many restaurants will do private cooking lessons on site, or perhaps hire a chef to teach at your house. This is a fantastic way to get wineeveryone involved and in the end you’ll end up with some yummy food to eat. If your bride loves Mexican food, perhaps throw a Senioritas and Margeritas party…..
    Themed Gift idea: Kitchen utensils, cutlery/crockery, cook book etc. Ask each guest to bring their favourite recipe to add to the brides recipe collection.
  5. Garden Party– tried and true, if the weather is nice there’s nothing quite like the tranquility of a garden party. A garden party couples well with a vintage theme or a gardening theme, pick what will suit your bride. If your party is around Spring Racing Carnival time, perhaps have everyone wear hats and fascinators.
    Themed Gift idea: this will depend on your theme, but could include gardening items, a pot plant, a mini herb garden etc

towel-cakeThings to consider:

Costs: A wedding shower should be an understated event focused on the bride and her guests. The responsibility of the costs involved is generally borne by the organizers, so perhaps get all of the bridesmaids involved in preparaing the event so that costs can be shared.

Catering & Timing: Most showers are for afternoon tea so keep the menu light. Sandwiches, cup cakes, sparkling water and champagne. The guests won’t be famished so don’t overdo it.

Guest List: A wedding shower is a personal and intimate event and generally only guests invited to the wedding should be on the list.

Gifts: Shower gifts are generally small, however if your event has a theme they can also be themed, be clear on the invitation if this is the case.

The bride: Remember that although you may be hosting and paying for this event, it’s not about you – focus the event on the bride. The event needs to be designed purely for the bride, so keep her interests and tastes in mind, this is her time to shine.

Happy Planning!




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