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10 Flower Bouquet Alternatives

August 30, 2013

Pomanders – just one of the many flower bouquet alternatives.

Carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers is by far one of the most consistent traditions for bridal parties. Flowers can easily compliment the colour theme or highlight the season. However, nowadays there are many alternatives to flowers and yet another decision for a bride to make.


If you’re trying to think outside the box, here are some flower bouquet alternatives:

1. Flower Substitutes – yes, still a bouquet but there are many options for a bouquet made out of items other than flowers: Fabric, ribbons, crystals, pearls, buttons, paper…. These bouquets are not only unique but will last a lifetime.

2. Clutch – this is such a great idea. Not only is a clutch  handy for carrying tissues and lipstick but it doubles as your bridesmaids gift.


3. Corsages – these may still be made of flowers (or feathers, or jewels etc) but are a handy way to keep hands free.

4. Feathers – again, still a bouquet of sorts but feathers add a softness to the overall look and could work well with a vintage themed wedding.


5. Fan – whether it’s a themed wedding, a summer wedding or you just love the look, delicate fans are a lovely alternative for the bridal party – and they could come in handy on a hot day! Fans can be made from fabric, feathers or paper.

6. Muff – Having a winter wedding, or perhaps a wedding in the snow? A faux fur muff could be a great option.

7. Parasol – Again a useful item and one that could really add to the look. Parasols and umbrellas work brilliantly in photos as well.

8. Pinwheels – What a cute and unique idea.


9. Pomander – big in the 70’s and they’re back. These can be made out of just about anything.

10. Wands – generally the domain of the flowergirl, wands are a little more robust than a flower bouquet for the little ones in the bridal party.



Happy Planning!


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