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Drum roll please – our picks for best and worst at the Emmys.

September 23, 2013

This years Emmys brought us dresses from two extremes: incredibly structured or soft and flowy! We think structure definitely stole the show and the soft hues that dominated the red carpet were a welcome change.

There were some standout shockers but likewise some breathtaking bombshells. Here are our picks for best and worst dressed on the 2013 Emmy’s red carpet.


Julie Sofia Zooey

Ally –

Rose Byrne – she can do wrong in my eye, flawless hair, soft makeup, understated yet gorgeous dress. She has elegance down to a fine art.

Zooey Deschanel – Zooey takes old world glam and gives it a new spin.

Kayley Cuoca  – Love the colour, the fit and the hair!

Sarah Hyland – LOVE this look. The classic emerald green fits like a glove and the clean hair and bold makeup finish it off.

Belle –

It was the night of the Modern Family glamours! I really couldn’t split Sophia Vergara & Julie Bowen, they were both flawless, but, I’m going with Sophia Vergara due to the fact she NEVER gets it wrong on the red carpet! Damn that woman can wear a dress!!!

Kylie –

I had trouble with this one because, like Ally, there were quite  a few home runs.

Julie Bowen – The structured pale pink dress with the stunning fishtail is amazing. I love that she kept her hair back and soft to compliment all that was going on with that dress.

Zooey Deschanel – WOW! I adore this dress and again the pale colour is a winner. I wish she’d kept her hair back though so we could see the top of the dress, but other than that, perfection!

Guiliana Rancic – Not generally on my list but she looked amazing in this beaded skin tight number and I have to say I adore the short bob hairstyle on her.


Lena Julianne Zosia

Well its pretty obvious we all have similar taste here at Reveal as our worst dressed picks were clear.

Ally –

Lena Dunham – hideous! Looks like a rose garden threw up on her. Terrrible hair and no accessories! Better luck next year.

Sandrine Holt – Her dress is confusing with no shape at all and I feel like its missing the bottom half. Her hair and makeup aren’t bad but let down by her lack of enthusiasm. You’re on the red carpet Sandrine, SMILE!

Sarah Silverman – I’m just confused! Emmy’s is the time to put on your best dress, don a new hairstyle and show the world “look at me!”. This dress spells I couldn’t be bothered this will do. Shame on you Sarah.

Belle –

Whilst most of the talk has been about Lena Dunham’s dress, my worst is going to Julianne Hough for a sheer skirted, ballroom dancer-esque, sea foam fail! Girlfriend, you’re on the Emmy’s Red Carpet, not performing on Dancing With The Stars!!

Kylie –

Again I’m going with Lena Dunham. That dress just isn’t flattering on her body. Did she even have a hair stylist and what the hell was her makeup artist thinking! There’s such a thing as being too matchy-matchy and the turquoise eyeshadow was a bust!

Zodia Mamet – OMG are you serious! I think this dress had so much potential and I love the hand painted fabric but what is going on with the sleep mask for her boobs! EIK!

Julianne Hough – is that a swimsuit? Enough said!

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